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Around Akiba

A captain from Europe who cuts into a Japanese subculture and underground event.From Fetifes,Daiki Industrial,Cosholic to capsule toys, we have compiled videos with wide range subculture event.

The balance between the number of subscribers and the number of video views is wonderful. It's a cult channel that expresses the viewer's voice, "I don't want to subscribe to the channel for a while, but I want to watch the video." Yes (I love it)This time, I received a voice from the Around Akiba saying, "I definitely want to interview people who are doing robot cosplay," and we Immediate answer OK

I think it will be a chaotic channel with leather suits, tanned father figures, robot cosplay, and swimsuit events! The dawn of Europe is near!
(I love it)





Sure Kill

Pilot Skill


Super Mode



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