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"Common precautions for participants"

・If you are attending an event, please be sure to receive detailed information at the reception .

*People who have not completed the registration will not be able to enter the venue and take pictures with the camera.

admission is free.

Children under the age of 12  are not allowed to attend.

  Parents (or guardians) are required to accompany .

   * We may ask you to confirm the presence of your guardian.

・Parents (or guardians) are requested to take care of children's physical condition and risk management at the event .

・Please refrain from acts that cause significant inconvenience to attendees and exhibit management.
Touch the exhibits, damage the exhibit, run around the Exhibition place, or make loud noises.

Hit on somebody, unauthorized photography of anything other than exhibits, molester, solicitation, etc.

If you have been damaged or have been witnessed, please contact the staff.

・You may be required to move out if you disturb other participants, the general public, or the exhibition hall.

If the equipment, exhibits, etc. at the exhibition place are damaged, the parties will be reimbursed.

Please do not contact the exhibition place directly for upcoming events.

Even if you contact the exhibition place, there will be no response.

 "No smoking" inside the exhibition place and "No fires".

The organizer and the exhibition place will not be held responsible for any troubles or accidents  that may occur in the exhibition place.

Please be at your own risk.


 No eating and No drinking in the exhibition place.


Please refrain from bringing in large luggage such as suitcases and carry bags.


Please take into consideration that items such as backpacks that may affect the passage within the exhibition place should be held in front.


Please refrain from bringing in other items such as those that may "injure people" or objects that may "obstruct traffic".

・For infectious disease measures.

 we will replace the ventilation and people at the venue at regular intervals.

​ Please cooperate with the quick replacement ventilation work.

・Only admission wearing a mask is possible.
do not remove the mask.

・Please disinfect your hands with alcohol before entering.

Measure your body temperature at the entrance.
 If you have a fever of 37.5 degrees(99.5 
fahrenheit) or higher, you cannot enter.

・This exhibition is
"An event to see the modeled works of exhibitors who have applied and registered in advance".
 It is not an
"event where you can visit cosplay".
 Please understand it.
 ※ We will
refuse admission to those who come by cosplay.

​ ※ Exhibit acceptance is closed

・As an infectious disease prevention and tracking measure,

 please fill in the contact information at the time of admission

 based on the guidance of the government.

do not lend you a restroom.

"About camera photography"

Tripod and stepladder cannot be used.

   * Photos taken at the exhibition place can be posted on SNS.

When posting to Twitter, please use these hashtags #SuperRobocosExpo or #スーパーロボコス大展

In that case, please process the photo so that the surrounding participants and the faces of the participants are not posted.

Posts that cause trouble to the exhibitor are prohibited.


・Video recording, video recording with digital cameras and mobile phones is prohibited only in the designated area and time.


Shooting in the same place for a long time is prohibited.

   * If you take a picture that does not comply with the rules such as taking pictures of people other than the approved subject, sneak photography, we will confiscate your film (storage medium, etc. in some cases the equipment itself). Please note.

   * In addition to the above , depending on the organizer's judgment, shooting may be prohibited .


・Those who do not follow the participation rules and staff instructions may be asked to leave immediately .

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